Ford, Lexus, Mazda & Nissan dealerships in Columbus, OH

Company History

In 1947 Warren Germain, a retired accountant for Henry Ford, opened a Lincoln franchise in Columbus, Ohio.  Warren's son, Bob Germain Sr. then worked with his father at the Lincoln store and began to grow the business.  Bob's sons became the third generation to work in the family business, and together grew the Germain Motor Company to include 16 locations in several markets.  After Bob Sr.'s passing his sons decided to operate their stores independently.  In 2011 Rick Germain formed the Germain Automotive Partnership with his sons Paul and John, which includes Germain Lexus of Dublin, Germain Lexus of Easton, Germain Nissan of Columbus, Germain Ford of Columbus, Germain Mazda of Columbus and Germain Toyota of Naples. 

Germain Automotive Partnership Vision:

As a premier automotive dealership group, our operations are conducted with the goal that every sales and service transaction will continually convert customers into advocates. Cultivating customer loyalty is of utmost importance, and every action is done with this in mind.

Germain Automotive Partnership Mission:

In order to foster the finest reputation possible, we are committed to employing people that feel compelled to always do the right thing for the customer.  It is our goal to find a way to create value for each individual.  We will do this by helping them meet their own unique objectives to ultimately improve their quality of life.   We are also dedicated to maintaining the most state of the art facilities in order to provide our clients with a comfortable, beautiful and functional environment. Finally, we are passionate about continually adapting to the changing industry and evolving our business to fit the needs of the customer.  We realize that continual adaptation and commitment to customer loyalty will allow us to grow and ensure prosperity for the future. 

Germain Automotive Partnership Philosophy:

  • Build and maintain exceptional facilities
  • Earn customer loyalty through unmatched customer service
  • Use technology to enhance the customer experience
  • Engage and inspire associates in unique and memorable ways 

Germain of Columbus will find you the right car and deliver unparalleled customer service here in Columbus, OH.